Support & Services

Technical Support

The task before MCBF is not just supplying carbon & graphite but our knowledge and wide experience come together to technically support our customers and offer advanced solutions. Our goal is to provide our customers, engineers & maintenance men with cost-saving solutions, reduce maintenance and maximize the product’s life.

We pride ourselves on providing unique solutions formulated to each customer requirements

Suggest an optimal solution for the customer’s problem

Provide customers with Grade sheets and Technical FAQ.

Troubleshooting devices for electrical carbon applications

Free samples for product Test

Online Troubleshooting for carbon brushes applications

MCBF mainly engaged & offer special Technical service for the engineers & maintenance men in the following industries

Cement Industry       power generating plants       Iron and Steel Industries Mining industry      Wire & Cables Industry Railways Traction Motors     Paper & pulp industry     Ports & Harbours       Aluminium Industries    Plastic industry      Petro-Chemical Industry       Non-Ferrous Metal Industry    Metallurgical Industry    Motor Re-winding Workshops

Customer services

MCBF understands the critical nature of the business and of the equipment’s our products are used on. Our professional work team own rich experience in products and management to meet your ever hanging requirements and demands, we help you in identifying a brush, selecting and recommending the best grade and material for your application. Carbon brushes specialist will assist you with your application problems. Smart solutions invented by talented team to be provided. Customers are allowed to ask for free samples for product test and approval before place an order.

Export Oriented

MCBF deal with and ship so many orders daily. Many of your orders are shipped from ready stock the same day. MCBF average many rush orders for specially made items per day and meet the satisfaction of many customers we serve. We are committed to quick delivery and immediate shipment for stock. 99% delivery on time is reported.

Guarantee & Warranty

MCBF Stands behind all of its products. We guarantee our products to be free of manufacturing defects and we provide warranty for fitting of purpose for our genuine carbon brushes which is manufactured according to DIN and MENA standards.