We MARRAR pride our self for manufacturing and providing innovative OEM carbon brush, carbon brush holder, CF Springs and slip ring assembly for steel industry. Our Carbon Brushes Materials are OEM approved for leading industrial DC-Motors and AC-Slipring Motors worldwide. OEM brands such as ANSALDO, SICMEMOTORI, ABB, SIEMENS, Crompton Greaves, Integrated IE, Kirloskar, BHEL, BALDOR, RELIANCE, Leory Somer and GE. Our Major Success is providing Excellent Commutation impregnated grades with perfect film formation for variable loads DC-MOTORS in Steel Rolling Mills.

Our Carbon Brushes are widely usable for the following application in steel industry

  • Main mill motors
  • Hot rolling mill motors
  • Drive motors
  • Conveyor motors
  • Stand motors
  • Generators and crane Motors
  • Cold rolling mill motors
  • Tin line brushess
  • Shearer motors
  • Pinch Roll Motors


Proud to serve approximately 125 loyal steel rolling mills in 22 different countries

The following grades OEM carbon brushes are mainly Served
E010, E010iP/EG319P, E09P/EG367J, E09, E101/E09, RE98N,EG224,E49X,EG283,EG236S, D347N, EG359, E00, E08i.
Copper Grades
4350,RC53,RC73, MC70 and M145E.

I have found MARRAR always responsive and professional in their anticipating to solving many problems of our DC Motors in our huge steel rolling mills. We use only MARRAR high quality carbon brushes with super grades which is adopted to our motor’s conditions like fluctuations of loads.
Esteemed client, Reputed steel rolling mill in Middle East.