About Us

carbon brushes factory

About MCBF (Competitive edge )

We are the future. Welcome to (MCBF) MARRAR CARBON BRUSHES FACTORY. MCBF is a leading international name for carbon brush manufacturing industry located in JORDAN since 1987 as a strategic position of networks and distribution to all MENA, South & Central Africa markets. MCBF stands for high class electro-carbon products approved and recommended by OEM. Over the last three decades MCBF built a wide international reputation as a primary carbon brushes manufacturer representing and cooperate closely through well established business partnership with the largest European specialized companies. MCBF serve large sectors with proven track record of successful presence for quality and services based on European knowledge and technical know-how.

Mission (Commitment)

We will continue to be the first name in the region for carbon brushes primary manufacturer and strive for all aspects of excellence to expand our products availability to more countries and markets by enhancing the company presence in the international markets through progressive development of our quality and services for the benefit of our customers.

Vision (We continue expansion)

Our vision is to keep the position of internationally most attractive reliable source, cost effective and respected company in the industry.


  • ❖ Reliability & consistency
  • ❖ Creativity & productivity

Quality (We guarantee quality)

Our quality is our strength; MCBF has been producing Top European quality carbon brushes for over 3 decades with the following major key differentiators:

  • ❖ The best carbon brushes qualities in the international markets based on in-depth knowledge and technical know-how in the field.
  • ❖ High standards grades carbon brushes confirming to DIN & NEMA international standards
  • ❖ Carbon brushes certified worldwide obtaining OEM approvals and recommendations
  • ❖ All products of MCBF are Genuine guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects with warranty for fitting of purpose.

Green Technology: (Our strength)

MCBF is considered as the largest modern manufacturing green plant using high-tech fully automated and semi-automated production lines. With green technology we consume the lowest power in production to minimize pollution with highest efficiency to serve our planet

International markets presence: (MCBF is Giant )

MCBF is Giant export oriented to approximately 50 + Countries globally in 3 continents with around 5000 loyal regular customers. Our unquestionable quality being desired by many engineers and end users globally supported by competitive prices due to effective and efficient mass producing capacities of our modern state of the art manufacturing units.

Our global reach includes the following countries

Middle East and Gulf

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Yemen


Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq


Egypt, Sudan, Niger and Nigeria

North Africa

Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Mauritania

Central Africa

Burundi, Comoros,D.R. Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Mozambique.

East Africa

Namibia, Uganda, Botswana, Angola and Zambia.


Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India , Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia