We MARRAR pride our self for manufacturing and providing innovative OEM carbon brush, carbon brush holder, CF Springs and slip ring assembly for cement industry. Our Carbon Brushes Materials are OEM approved for leading industrial DC-Motors and AC-Slipring Motors worldwide. OEM brands such as ABB, SIEMENS, VEM, Ansaldo, Crompton Greaves, Kirloskar, BHEL, Old BBC, GE, WEG, ELIN, HELMKE, MENZEL, GANZ, Toshiba, YASAKAWA and FUJI.

Our Carbon Brushes are widely usable for the following application in cement industry

  • Lime Stone Crushers main Motors
  • cement mill main drives motor
  • Fan Motors
  • Raw mill Motors
  • Corrective and additive
  • Crusher motors
  • Roll-Mill Motors
  • All rotating DC-Motors and Generators
  • All DC-Motors of Rotary Kiln
  • Conveying and Ventilating Units
  • Induction AC Slipring Motors
  • All extracting and grinding major motors
  • ALL Auxiliary Motors

Common problems
1- Harsh environment
2- Heavy dust influence
3- Stuck brushes
4- Low load conditions

Our solutions
1- Adapted carbon brush grades with
2- Improved film control characteristic
3- Special after-treatment
4- Low load resistant carbon brush grades
5- Adapted carbon brush designs
6- Appropriate brush holders


Proud to be approved partner for approximately 85 loyal Integrated Cement company with our super fine grades carbon brushes

Grades Recommendations
EG224, E101/E09 , D374N, RE98N, RE75
For Induction AC-Slipring Motors:
RC53, RC67, RC73, RC87,C40Z3, A12S, C80X, 2454,3316,2378, M15E, MC70, M16EX, BE22Z1,
‘’Super HC1985X Repairing grade for Steel Slipring Motors’’

Since many years we made a decision to use only and exclusively MARRAR carbon brushes for our Cement mill main drives, Main crusher motors and all AC Slipring Motors in our Cement plants. Beside the advantage of OEM grades offered by MARRAR, The great communication of employees, Technical Support, fast delivery and services always make us safe with MARRAR.
Esteemed client, Reputed Cement plants in North Africa