Special anti-oxidant impregnated, extruded graphites used at the purification of aluminium alloys and degasing processes: The most economic way to achieve the desired chemical alloy.

The most suitable solutions for dimensional and superficial sensibilities at aluminium billet casting applications when the rigidification starts: Isostatic graphite rings As exit trays used plates at aluminium profile production by the extrusion method: Extruded graphite plates he most suitable graphite solutions for any application which is in contact with your aluminium alloys.

Graphite thermocouple sheeting protectors Electro (dip) erosion graphites for molding room applications at extrusion profile production Pontoon (stopper) products MCBF offer the following products for the Aluminuim Industry:

    Carbon Brushes     Graphite Fluxing Tubes     Graphite Impeller Systems for Aluminium Degassing     Casting Rings for Hot Top Casting or for Gas Slip System     Graphite Plates and Rolls for Aluminium Extrusion Presses