We MARRAR pride our self for manufacturing and providing innovative OEM carbon brush, carbon brush holder, CF Springs and slip ring assembly for cable industry. Our Carbon Brushes Materials are OEM approved for leading industrial Annealer and multiwire drawing machines OEM brands such as NIEHOFF, SICTRA, HENRICH, SAMP. Our major success is that we provide only HOT PRESSED TECHNOLOGY GRADES which is the best suitable for Annealer Machines Worldide

The following grades OEM carbon brushes are mainly used for annealer machines

  • Carbon brush 546K Size: 25 X 40 X 50 MM for OLD SAMP ANNEALER MACHINES
  • Carbon Brush N15 Size: 32 X 40 X 50 MM / NIEHOF ID: 116823-3
  • Carbon Brush 2454 L Size: 32 X 40 X 50 MM / NIEHOFF ID: 311851-3
  • Carbon Brush N51 for old NIEHOFF multiwire drawing machines ID: 159260 - 3
  • Carbon brush B14Z1/N15 Size: 20 X 40 X 40 MM for HENRICH Multiwire Annealer Machines
  • Carbon Brush Size: 20 X 40 X 40 MM for ROD break DOWN MACHINES and Multiwire Drawing ID 272329-3
  • - Carbon Brush M5CR and M2B for SICTRA RBD Annealer size: 25 X 40 X 50 MM
  • Carbon Brush M5CR for SICTRA intermediate Annealer size: 20 X 50 X 50 MM
  • Carbon Brush CG657 CG665/RC67 for Multiwire drawing machines SAMP Size: 25 X 40 X 50 MM
  • OEM Brush Holder and CF Springs for all above carbon brushes


Proud to serve 65 loyal cable and wire company in MENA region.

Our OEM carbon brush grades
E43, L56R, L117, Ei, 2474, E101/E09, E010iP and S8 are offered for the following machines: ALL DC-Motors Rotating machines ABB, SIEMENS , SicmeMotori and Ansaldo, Stranding, screening and armoring, Punching, take up, twisting and drum twist machines. Twinning and quadding machines of cortinovis, Traffco, Pourtier, SEITC and Lesmo.

We have installed MARRAR carbon Brushes on our Annealer machines and Multiwire drawing machine in our cable factory. The carbon brushes have been working satisfactory and it was noticed that the grades offered by MARRAR do not swell or stuck up making our annealers running safely and smoothly.
Esteemed Client, Reputed cable company in GULF.