Brush Holder One of the best indicators of the operating conditions of a DC or AC machine is the performance of the carbon brush on the commutator. The ability of the brush to perform is directly related to the design and quality of the brush holder that contains it on the commutator or slipring.

MCBF offer high quality brush holders approved by OEM for DC-Motors, AC Slirping and Pulley in Annealer machines.

- Plug In Type Brush Holder. For Power / Turbo generators.

- Double clamping Brush Holders For Slipring motors.Made of Die Cast.Variably adjustable for different slipring diameters.

- For high performance motors with heavy loads.Made by Die Casting or Sand Casting, every brush with independent pressure mechanism.

- Multiple design made of Die Casting or Sheet Metal, various pressure elements possible.

- For Commutator motors, wide variety of designs, various pressure systems made of cast or sheet brass.