We MARRAR pride our self for manufacturing and providing innovative OEM carbon brush, carbon brush holder, CF Springs and slip ring assembly for Oil and Gas industry. Our Carbon Brushes Materials are OEM approved for leading industrial DC-Motors and AC-Slipring Motors worldwide. OEM brands such as Kirloskar, BHEL BALDOR, RELIANCE,and GE.

Our Major Success is providing Excellent Commutation impregnated grades with perfect film formation for variable loads DC-MOTORS in OIL & Gas Industry.

Our Carbon Brushes are widely usable for the following application in OIL & Gas Industry:

  • Main Drive DC- Motors
  • Generators
  • AC-Slipring Motors
  • Auxiliary motors

The following grades OEM carbon brushes are mainly Served: E010, E010iP/EG319P, E09P/EG367J, E09, E101/E09, RE98N,EG224,E49X,EG283,EG236S, D347N, EG359, E00, E08i, Copper Grades: 4350,RC53,RC73, MC70 and M145E.