We MARRAR pride our self for manufacturing and providing innovative carbon brush, carbon brush holder, CF Springs and slip ring assembly for Turbo Generator in Power Plants. Our Carbon Brushes Materials are approved for leading industrial Turbo-Generator units worldwide. OEM brands such as ABB, SIEMENS, Ansaldo,BHEL, GE, Toshiba, MITSUBISHI, DOLMEL and SKODA.

    Innovative Technology for Turbo Generator Natural Graphite Grade MEGA T3A Competes: Carbon brushes for Turbo-Generators with Steel Slip-rings in Power Generation Stations, Approved Extremely Successful performance on Steel Slip-rings on Turbo-Generators At a Velocity of up to 75 M/S and more. After Voluminous Tests, Research and Development, The Results of T3A have been equally excellent on the following Generator Types:

SIEMENS, ABB, GE, SKODA, Westinghouse, Toshiba, AEG, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Dolmel, ANSALDO and BHEL.

T3A Brush Grade is made of Natural Carbon Graphite at International Standards and Test Procedures as the following:

DIN – ICE 413 DIN 43000/T1 ICE 136 ICE 276

MEGA Germany T3A Natural Graphite grade is a world renowned Graphite Grade that is one of the preferred and approved Grades for Turbine Generators in power Generation Plants all over the world. A superior Product with the following Characteristics:

Normal Friction    Normal Contact Drop    Good/Long Brush life    Soft Grade, Gentle to Collector Rings and friendly to Slip Ring    Approved Performance, good cleaning proprieties    Designed for Use on High speed Slip rings    Adaptive to Higher Load Capabilities   Good Resistance to shock and vibration   Widely used all over the world      


Proud to serve approximately 75 regular power plants in MENA with our super fine grade T3A Germany carbon brushes for Turbo-Generator.
The technical knowledge in depth and characteristics of grades carbon brushes offered by MARRAR for our Siemens Generators and previously GE, Alstom and ABB Generators in our power stations Places MARRAR as a preferred supplier since many years as we pride ourselves to be associated with a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer like MARRAR.
Esteemed Client, power plant in Levant.